Aojiang Fund Conference Centre

Chaichangnong City Centre Redevelopment

Lishui City Centre Eco Sports Park

Keqiao Water Town Resort Hotel

Yiwu Urban Regeneration

HP Kid Space

MASSTONE Fashion Boutique Store

The Artist House, Beijing

Dongxiao Palace Taoism

The Hotel Nudibranch

Yiwu Old Ximen City Centre Regeneration

HCH Fashion Boutique (Wuhan)

The Maxsun Exhibition Centre, Xi'an

SpActrum Studio

The Art Park of Red Brick Art Museum

Shiyang Visitors' Centre

Dragon Valley Cliff Hotel Resort

Dongziguan Resort Hotel

Shangen Village Refurbishment & Redevelopment

Pearl No. 7 Cruise Port Redevelopment

Jiucaiao Stone House Resort

Harbin Forest Train International Art District

Weizhi Headquarter, Xi'an

Huangpu Service Centre, Guangzhou

Lanman Hutong 108 Club

Wanyu City, Xi'an

Obtuse Triangle Fashion Show

HCH Fashion Boutique (Shanghai)